Friday, July 6


'To give away yourself keeps yourself still,
And you must live, drawn by your own sweet skill.'

there are a lot of things one might do with eighteen months and $7200 dollars. the idea to run away and serve a mission in a place i've never been is only one option. what made me choose to do such a thing? i don't think i will try and explain. all that matters to you, my dear mysterious audience, is that this blog will be empty and lonely and cold until i return in 2009. so i'm leaving this list of my most favourite posts, in no particular order whatsoever, in an effort to sustain the poor thing while i'm away.

april snowstorms, in which i wax poetic about a national park
microcosmic apocalypse, on change, endings, and revelation
sea hear, comparing nowheres
perl before swine, forays into the world of programming
grand ivory towers, or thoughts on graduate school
not so misfit, or looking for a hole in the puzzle
it's not over, or the advantages of slavery
pain is, on the optimism of pessimissm
naturally open source, in which i ramble about things i only partly understand
chainlink fences, in which i randomly capitalize all my sentences
bring it, on interest and where it comes from
heterological, in which i quote some more shakespeare
do or die, wondering about promises and contingencies
once and future, on firsts and alwayses
the gluestick legacy, in which i justify my rampant creative urges
interesting, in which i impersonate a dictionary
cracks and infinity, or an analysis of filth
particles, waves, both, or an ode to Nancy Watson-Weir, who taught me advanced composition.

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Mandy said...

Amelia - It's been so long since I last looked at your blog that you should be home by now. If that's the case, Welcome Home!