Thursday, December 1

grand ivory towers

I've never before today thought in any serious way about graduate school.

the image in my head is tinted an idyllic mossy green, just enough to imply great depth and warmth. everyone is severe while at the same time soft. extremely dedicated, disciplined, driven, but also flexible and creative. there is a closeness drizzled across a background of immensely comfortable mismatched sofas. and there are bookshelves with all the right books. and desks with an endless supply of sharp, chewed-on pencils.

the dialogue is intense but friendly, rapid and pertinent but casual.
and the light. the light is dappled with every flavor of idea, from the mild personal insight to the most radical life-changing revelation.

I don't know if the towers of this, my, academia are ivory or not. I do know that it is always autumn there and nobody cares what anybody wears as long as they wear something. usually there are scarves, but that's not necessary, by any means.

I wonder if real graduate school is anywhere close to these pictures I have in my head. or if I could make it that way.

probably not.

would it be worth my time anyway? undoubtedly.

two of my favourite professors, dr. ryan moeller and dr. kelli cargile-cook, gave a presentation today on graduate school: what it's like, how to go about applying, how to choose, why, etc. it was fascinating. and persuasive.

unfortunately, time isn't the only question. there's also money. and goals. and we'll see.

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rylish said...

hey, thanks for the plug, amelia. and i love that you're still using the blog. good for you!

there is some lovely imagery here in this reflection on graduate school. almost as if you had been there. . .

best, rylish