about this amelia

this little blog is where I compose little snippets about art and books and writing and crafts and anything else that catches my interest. once upon a time the whole thing was pretty academic. I don't really know what it is now. pseudo-academic? wannabe-critic? something like that. whatever it is, I like tying my thoughts into wordbundles here. if it sounds pretentious and pointless to you, maybe you're right. that's okay. I think I'm real enough, but then again I would, wouldn't I?

my main goals in life involve asking more than enough questions and finding out what happens next. I try to remember to be where I am, too, and to live in the moment. right now is all there is, right? working to revel in awareness, to feel connected and interwoven with here and now might be more more useful than seeing the future. harder, though.

here, in case you're curious, is a bit of explanation on the blog's first title: fear, anger, and doubt.

and once you've got that, a few other posts concerning the exigence (or lack thereof) behind this little corner of the internet: the very first postresurrectionwho am I talking to?look againhalf a dozenamelioration, and usable pasts.

every Sunday I used to post one of the sketches I'd drawn in church. I should do weekly art posts again. someday.

also: I do freelance design and proofreading work and I love it. let me know if you need a wedding announcement or a business card. if you are writing or have written anything at all, imagine me begging you to let me proof it. $3/page is my going rate for that, but we can negotiate for chocolate or ice cream if we need to.