Tuesday, April 14

fourteen: jährlich

I was flipping through my calendar book during a meeting earlier today and I saw the scribbled line "last year I was in Paris" there in the third week of February.

February seems like a long time ago. it's April now. I'm using some time of every day to write here in this little blog. why?

cuz I wanted to. why else?

so where was I last year in April?

I was planning for summer in Scotland. looking back, I did not take enough pictures with people in them. I never do.

and the year before that? I was still in Texas. doodling.

and three years ago? three years ago I knew almost nothing about Joni Mitchell.

before that I was pre-gradschool. I was still calling this adventure "plan B."

a lot of cool things happened during the springtime of 2010. it was beautiful. I blogged more about books and other people.

the other side of the country was home five years ago. three wide timezones away now. I wonder what happened to that Japanese maple.

I lived on a whole different planet in 2008. blogging didn't exist there.

in 2007 I had a cold.

and the year before that I was a college senior, scrapbooking recent memories and ignorant of what the next ten years might be made of.

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