Wednesday, April 15

fifteen: the ides of April

I drove to campus today. there were things to carry, so I thought I'd let my car help me carry them.

and then as I left my office this afternoon, I walked to the nearest bus stop out of habit, and I stood there with my hands in my pockets for about six minutes, watching one bus go by (the bus that regularly comes right before the bus I usually ride), and then suddenly realizing that if I took the bus home, my car would still be parked in a random sidestreet on the campus-side of town until who knows when.

this realization came to me at just the right moment. thankfully I had already noticed this poster on the side of the bus shelter:

but thankfully the bus had not yet come to collect my auto-piloting self all the way across the river. yeah, my car and I  probably would've both been fine spending a night in separate zipcodes... but it's probably better that I remembered her and brought her home.

more importantly, there is Shakespeare happening this week. some of my favourite Shakespeare, in fact. I think I will make space to attend, and perhaps embark on another summer Shakespeare project.

next month the Stonesoup Shakespeare people will be taking Much Ado About Nothing on tour. last summer friend Lori and Liz and co. all went to see their version of As You Like It, and it was quite a jolly time. let's all go again. okay?

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