Thursday, April 17

spring and summer omens

springtime is upon us.

four years (or approximately fifteen hundred days) ago, I spent a bit of springtime in the UK. in about six dozen days, I get to go back. Manchester first, then Scotland.

leftover from that trip, I have eighty pounds--split into four lightly crinkled twenty-pound notes--tucked into a little pale blue notebook somewhere in my house. (other souvenirs include the recipe for tiffin and a nice grey skirt.)

I might spend that leftover eighty quid on concert tickets... or on plane tickets... perhaps theatre tickets...

who knows. I could spend it on chocolate instead.

seeing Great Britain in the summer will be new. I'll get to learn about postindustrial Scotland and see what kinds of things they eat and drink and wear and talk about in Dundee. I want to go climbing around highlands and countrysides and ruins. I'll write in many notebooks and try to remember to take photos with people in them. there will be plenty of walking and reflecting on where the year and the summer have taken me. I want to meet some Scots and come home with different hair.
but this is all still six dozen days away. I have papers to write and proposals to concoct and papers to grade before then. at least springtime is here to watch me do all those things. 

so for now, I'll be glad it's not too hot or humid yet. read outside. watch for daffodils. start leaving my socks and jackets and scarves in the closet. sit in the grass. start saving for sun screen and ice cream. plan some camping trips. take time to nod at butterflies. make a list of non-academic books to read on a swing in the park.
Scotland and summer aren't so far away. they and their adventures will wait.

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