Tuesday, January 10

happiest excitement

there is no anything that can make you or anyone else know how happy this feels.

i just finished the first meeting of english 5410, Interactive Media.

Dr. Kelli Cargile Cook kept me and all her other 5400 students in the deepest suspense before revealing which design had won the approval of Dr. Smitten, the department head.

and then it came. the wording in Kelli's powerpoint slide said something like:
The winning proposal was written by Wilson Bateman, Amelia Chesley, Vanessa Kirkpatrick, Elsie Boyer, and Sam Howard.
and the moment i realized we'd been chosen i grinned and twitched with excitement. after class i said congratulations to Sam, who is also in 5410 with Wilson and i. Wilson wasn't in class today but on thursday, oh how we shall celebrate. i hope Elsie and Vanessa find out soon too. Vanessa in particular should be proud, since she did the majority of the design work, and i'm almost certain the visual aspects of our proposal were what made it as admirable as it evidently was to Dr. Smitten.

there are a few changes we will have to implement, but all of our suggestions were taken up and this class is going to be an amazing opportunity to make a difference to the english department.

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