Monday, May 4

important discoveries

I have two pieces of very silly and largely irrelevant-to-everything news.


one secret to a good writing day (like the one I met this past Saturday afternoon) is well-managed hair.

this little side french-braid, with the ends tucked in and off my neck, may have been magic. or maybe the magic came from spending all morning not-writing (breakfasting, shopping, yoga-ing). maybe it was both. either way, I found a very nice writing zone this weekend. I'm still not finished with all the projects, but they are coming along.


remember these trousers?

I loved them so much that when they got too worn out to be trousers anymore, I salvaged them for a skirt.

the inordinately exciting news is that I came across a matching pair--near identical--at goodwill on Saturday. these are in brown, not grey, and unlike their predecessors, they will need hemming. once they are the proper length, I am going to love them.

{ also pictured: the corner of a new plaid skirt }

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