Thursday, April 30

thirty: yet to be

all these days, and I still have more things I haven't gotten around to writing and might not ever. notes from the Digital Rhetorics Symposium a few weeks back. rave reviews of my sister's cute soap-making business. lists of postmodern ramblings. thoughts on the silliness of zumba. photos from the poster presentations we gave last week. daydreamings of what I want to teach next semester. wonderings about whether I will miss my weekly German class. sketches of summer adventures-to-be.

there is always more to blog about. what is it waiting for?

I'm not sure. so far there is always more time, more future, more tomorrows. I can blog about all these thoughts later. to post them all at once wouldn't be very practical, anyway.

one thing at a time. one sentence at a time.

to get used to things doesn't usually take very long. to blog something --anything-- no matter how slim or silly--every day for one month has hardly been a thing to get used to. the month has strolled past not uneventfully. tomorrow it will be May. the fifth month, the end of spring semester, the beginning of finals week stress and distraction.

today it's still April though. still part of this month of blogging.

people do mini-challenges like this all the time. a month of no sugar. or a month of daily yoga. or a month of photography. one hundred days of some theme on instagram, or one hundred days of things you're thankful for on facebook. such nice even numbers.

just a few days ago this post about one hundred days of writing fell through my rss feed. I don't remember who this blogger is or how I came upon his blog (and this is the beauty of rss feeds. they allow me to forget all about that blog I thought was neat once, until whoever writes it posts something new, and then I see it show up). did I learn any of the same things he did, in his writing project? the distinctions in #1 are interesting. I say yes to all of #7. hmmm.

what will the rhythm of blogging become for me now? this blog has changed a lot since it started. it'll keep changing. it will do different sorts of things for me and the handful of people who sometimes read it. it will host different kinds of word-and-art-projects.

we'll all just have to find out what they are and when they show up.

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