Friday, May 8

and counting

my semester is just about over. scraps of grading left, but nothing that will take very much stress. summer is at last welcome to my brain. I am making lists of books and places and projects and goals.

there are forty-five days until my half-birthday.

there are nine more posts after this one, waiting to be written and posted and counted, before there will be one thousand posts here on this blog.

I think it makes sense to post the thousandth one on my half-birthday. as a present to myself.

and that means committing to a new blogpost every five days or so. I can do this. I just spent thirty days posting daily, and before that I usually posted once every seven days anyway. every five days is not so different.

speaking of daily-blogging, friend Patti is blogging every day in May! it's wonderful and cool to see her posts show up way more often in my blog feed. this one from the other day about pictures of book pages made me think not only about the patterns of Patti's noticings and recordings of her noticings, but also about the patterns of all the shapes and textures in those captured pages. the fonts and the weights and the spacings. kerning and leading and alignments and indentations. perhaps that's what I would study if Patti's instagram account was handed to me as a corpus to be researched. hmm.

but I have other things to research! like a recipe from this old magazine that ended up... well, it ended up here, in a blogpost that I wrote almost exactly two years ago. how it ended up there, and what all the mutations that happened along the way might mean in terms of technical communication and digital communities... that is a thing I've been trying to write about. wish me luck.

and just in case you were worried I'd spend all my summer working too hard, I have plenty of things on my list to not research but to make. this shawl. these cookies. some sushi.  there will probably also be naps. I have gotten better at naps lately.

and so begins summer 2015: optimistically and bursting with gentle, lovely, semi-adventurous plans.

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