Friday, May 15


a short drive away there is a place called Greencastle.
and somewhere on its outskirts there is an old cemetery. this week we went exploring in it.


well, friend Beth wanted to. she has fond memories of the place from her undergrad days, and she wanted to share them.

and I'm glad we took the journey. the day was quite perfect. the countryside peaceful. scenery like art.

beyond the cemetery gates were woods and long grasses. and a cave full of old car parts and wire. friend Sam has pictures of the cave. I was too busy laying underneath shady trees, watching fuzzy caterpillars crawl around in the grass to go far enough to find it myself.

everything seemed so still out there. we were surrounded by the dead and their gravestones.

nothing else but birds. maybe some distant traffic.

there was a creek nearby, too. Big Walnut Creek. and an old covered bridge that cars aren't allowed to drive on anymore.

tomorrow: kayaking. and next week: more kayaking? why not?

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