Wednesday, April 29

twentynine: penultimate

noticing more grey hairs.

more stray longings.

more could-be what-if alternate universes.

not noticing enough of everything else, it feels like.
the grey hairs are real. I'm not sure if these other spectres are or not.

I am also craving beaches.
{ not a beach, just a sand dune }

{ also not really a beach. a lake and pier } 

{ maybe there are beaches somewhere down there? }

{ a real beach. California, 2009. }

{ also a real beach. Rhode Island, 2013. } 

beaches are my own personal metaphor for escapism. I blog about the idea of them off and on, here and there. I don't blog as often about real beaches. real beaches are as rare as.
ends-of-semesters always come with dreams about living lazily on a beach. silly dreams, but they keep me company while I stress about writing projects. 

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