Monday, July 29


yesterday, a question (one of those get-to-know-you type questions) came up that wasn't very hard for me to answer, but gave me a few reasons to pause and think.

what is one thing that makes you immediately happy when you see it?
rainclouds, I said.

those there, in particular, are looking down on a little town in Romania. they were picked at random from my disorganized picture files to represent a quintessentially grey and looming raincloud.

my last week in Lubbock was full of lovely rainclouds too. warm, gorgeous summer rain. puddling in the dusty streets of West Texas.

and then in Dallas, the clouds slanted awesomely over the city as I drove north. it rained in spurts. cool-ish half-breezes.

there was no rain in Missouri, but it seemed to be waiting for me as I crossed Illinois and arrived in Indiana, just as spurtingly intermittent and cool. I parked in front of my new apartment and stood waiting for the landlady to deliver a key. the sky kissed me hello with several sparkling little drops.
{ city hall }
it stayed cool and cloudy most of the weekend, while I explored downtown.

who knows why even the hint of rain brings me such immediate good vibes. maybe it's the seasonal space it usually occupies? I'm not sure.
{ train and bus depot }
the rain here in my brand new home of Lafayette has been very gentle and soft. it trades places with the sun in a very close, surely complicated dance. I hope it sticks around a bit.
{ collage art in an alley }
even if it doesn't, this town seems like a very cool place.


Janeheiress said...

I want to see your house!

Nic S said...

Wow, you really do belong in England. Hope you're settling in well :) send me your new address somehow.

amelia chesley said...

I will show off my little apartment when it has some furniture in it. that'll help balance the random piles of books and notebooks and other junk... hopefully...