Friday, September 28

autumn is home enough

we know I love the autumn. we know I fantasize about an endless academic autumn. the weather, the anticipation, the balance of chill and weight and unease and motivation. maybe the thrill is all in my head. maybe autumn really isn't calling my name or caressing my soul. am I allowed to have a delusional fascination with the season anyway?
this September has been gorgeously grey and drizzly. the last few days here, waking up to nothing but grey, walking around under all that grey, breathing in so much peaceful, precious grey--it reminds me of two other very rainy elsewheres...
places that aren't really home anymore. or were they ever?
whether they were or not, they are places I hope to get back to someday, if I can.
Seattle. the Cascades. pine trees. the loud, pebbley northwest coast.
and England. trains. hedges.
all the awesome accents. pasties and way better chocolate.
right now I can't get back there, not to either place. I'll take the grey I'm given, here on this stale west Texas plain. take, love, inhale, exhale.

even though I'm not going anywhere in the near future, the list of things to blog about is as long as ever. the value of curation. whether or not anything really useful is actually teachable. slippery slopes and whatever the opposite of a slippery slope might be. my worsening notebook addictions. pumpkin recipes. we'll see what else. stay tuned, I guess? is that a dumb thing to say at the end of a rushed photo-centric blogpost like this?

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