Thursday, August 1


so last weekend, my very first weekend in this corner of Indiana, I had the great pleasure of wandering about town with new friends Patti (she has a neat blog) and Patrick. (funnily enough, the woman I pay rent to is also named Patty--there seems to be a theme here...) we three saw the farmers' market, took a tour of many coffeeshops, discussed the hipsterness levels of the downtown community, and had a delightful brunch at a place called Serendipity.

on our way along main street, we saw a few racks of newspapers and pamphlets and magazines advertising events and whatnot. so I ended up taking some home to peruse.

and then I saw, in the table of contents, this:
there. just at the top, next to the date September 19. yes. do you know who that is?
Neil deGrasse Tyson. this guy. who has said so many awesome, inspiring, greatly amusing things.

so that's on my calendar. that and classes and teaching and social events and shopping lists of various sorts. there is much to discover here in this new place. Yo-Yo Ma is also coming to town. what a marvelous place I have been transplanted to. 

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