Tuesday, February 23

still a mess

I rearranged my furniture yesterday, tugging the bed over to the east side of the room, tucking the ottoman thingie (remember it?) behind the door.

all my stacks of papers and folders of randomness got rearranged too. there are half-yards of fabric draped over the bedposts and toppling piles of notebooks leaning against each other along the wall. my medium-sized suitcase stands in the middle of it all, waiting patiently.

I put off sorting through all the stuff. is there a reason I put it off? several:
  • it will probably take much longer than I think it will.
  • I have far too much else to do at the moment, such as:
    • designing
    • writing
    • working
    • sewing
    • taxes
    • making lists
    • shopping
    • and planning all my spring break adventures
  • furthermore, why disturb all those peaceful collections of paper? I'm sure they're perfectly happy as they are.
  • and last but not least, I know that when I finally do sort through it all, I'll have to get rid of most of it... and that will be a little bit sad.
incidentally, as I was rearranging furniture yesterday, I listened to this podcast, which was incredibly interesting. opera is such a quirky, intriguing thing. why isn't opera as generally cool as so much other popular stuff that really isn't that awesome at all when you really think about it? (is that too complicated of a question?)
{ images from various productions of Der Ring des Nibelungen }

incidentally, I think I've fallen in love with Radiolab. it all started last month, on the day I got slightly lost on my way to my aunt's house in Highland. I've been consuming Radiolab podcasts two or three at a time, nearly every day since then. mm.

anyway. now that this blogpost is complete, I'm going to spend a bit of time with those leaning towers of notebooks...


Deb said...

What are you sewing?

amelia said...

more bags.... and a laptop sleeve... and shorter hems for all my pants.