Thursday, January 28

any card

the planet earth has a surface area of 510,072,000 square kilometers. only three-quarters of that is solid ground, and only one-eighth of that  solid ground has been counted as a nice place to build a house. that leaves us more than eighteen and a half million square kilometers of space.

how is one supposed to choose among all those far off and exotic parcels of land?

let's start with a list:

England. because of all the books.

Italy. because of all the romance.

Denmark. because of Carl Bloch.

okay. that wasn't so hard.

there was a piece on the radio Sunday night, and if I could get away with blaming its interestingness for the two times I ended up lost on my way to my aunt and uncle's for dinner, I would. it was all about making decisions. the research the were presenting had to do with whether the rational half of our brains or the emotional half of our brains had more power in the decision-making process. it seemed the emotional half won out. our rational selves are too easily distracted by facts and figures and rhetoric. but the deep-down half that we can't always explain--it controls us more than we know.

there are a few pieces of the show over here, just in case my rambly summarizing isn't enough.

eighteen and a half million square kilometers. I wonder how long it would take me to visit all of them. maybe it's not even possible.

there are even more people on the planet than there are places--just a few shy of seven billion human beings. but we can't be friends with the entire world population, can we? I just can't see that working out. still. there's probably plenty of awesome people I wish it would work out with.

why doesn't it?

if you want something enough, you'll probably end up with it in your life. somehow. but where's the tipping point? what fraction of your desire do you have to tie to one specific thing before it will drag you across time and space to that very thing? is 51% enough? or does it depend how thinly the other 49% is sliced up among the various concerns of one's life?

and what if you change your mind? what if that overwhelming desire abandons you in place you aren't sure about anymore?

you can ignore the what ifs. start over. the world is big. have I said that already?

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