Saturday, October 15

notes on

i have two completed test templates up for the standard green page, and the red page. They are both slightly different. I am giving chris a chance to see his options and make up his mind about things before i finalize it all.


1. remember how to spell fatmanintweed.

2. make the text size smaller

3. left alignment, perhaps with a little more margin on the left

4. jumble up the lengths of the linkbars

5. try and get all the linkbits blurred like the 'writing' one.

6. keep the right margin bar colored

7. no rollover for title graphic

8. straight apostrophes and quote marks

9. keep the font Courier New

10. full justified text

11. change the 'writing' link to something less blah

12. change the 'gallery' link to 'sketchbook.'

Chris is very pleased, which makes me happy.


Soffy O said...

Who is Chris?
Which country do you stay in?

(I'm a friend of Mike's)

amelia said...

chris jordan is a friend of mine. his blog is

i live in the US.