Thursday, October 13

flash drives and other business

i know a kid who works at the university bookstore.
he bought me a flash drive at his employee discount, and i'm quite excited about it.
this means one very exciting thing:
i have a portable place to store my webdesigns.
therefore i now have the ability to ftp all those files from the school lab computers, and then...
the protofatmanintweed site will have a place to live and grow and develop into the fulfledged amazement it will one day be.

aren't you excited about that? i know chris is. and so am i.

as far as classes go, i am keeping very busy.

my rhetorical theory essay is due next thursday. i shall have to watch spiderman at least once more before i can finish that.

project 6 for document design should be easy to get done by monday.

professional editing is ... a mess. who knows what we're even doing in there.

specialized documents continues to be amazing and stimulating. i love it. we've been presenting our research to the class these past weeks and starting to discuss all the possibilities for our reconceptualized design of the english department website. it's great. sweet creative juices etc etc etc

work also continues to monopolize a lot of my free time. at least i'm making fairly nice tips. i'm also a living example of the sex & cash theory. i think i might talk more about that later.

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