Thursday, September 29

interesting distractions

as I sit typing submission records I come across a lot of titles that sound really interesting.

The 360-degree Word
The Invention of Velcro

and so on. the poetry titles are usually most interesting, and gosh do we get a ton of poetry. from what I see (which is only breif glimpses, but still) it ranges from fairly decent to horrible, with occasional spots of brilliant on top.

I read a poem today (I'm not actually supposed to spend my time reading them, just recording them, but sometimes I can't help it.) by Joel Lamore called Physics. I loved it.

so I googled him. And look what I found:

A Love Story

I haven't had time to look at it really, but from the first sentences it sounds cool.

anyway, that's a little random tidbit of nothing sprung from the tedious work I have been doing this morning.

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