Friday, September 30

children terrify me

I read the following interesting thing yesterday, in Kathy Sierra's Creating Passionate Users blog. She was talking about how to think young.
2) Have kids
If you don't have kids, rent some. Virtually any of your friends with children will be ecstatic to lend you theirs. I'm deathly afraid that once Skyler has completely moved out of the house, my appreciation for indie music will plummet, and I'll revert back to the 80's. (And not the good, interesting, fashionably retro 80's.)

Children terrify me.
But maybe terrified is a good way to be. The title of this blog is fear, anger, and doubt. Those are three emotions that drive me (on various levels--my fears are not usually truely terrifying). So if children terrify me, maybe I ought to hang out with a few. Maybe I'd get over the terror. Maybe I wouldn't. I'd probably be forced to learn something.


Anyway it's an interesting idea, children being one key to keeping your brain young and active. Most of the time people think of motherhood as stifling. But what if it's really one of the most intense learning experiences you'll ever have?

Perhaps someday I'll find that prospect exciting. But first I have to find a boy who isn't worthless scum.

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