Tuesday, June 28


Chris suggestes I submit my work here, to bird dog. I will.

I just need to stop being lazy.

Paradox of the day:

Indecision is a curse.
Keep as many doors open for as long as you can.

Life is a navyish purple and I'm just hoping it doesn't rain.

Friday, June 24

i'm too sleepy to remember

what was i going to write?

i began a new story the other day. it is about someone who does not want to be.

it hasn't gone anywhere much yet, but i expect it will try and run away from me soon.
the main characters are princess hannah, her nurse, and a mysterious visitor. oh, and a tree.

perhaps i shall post it, or a part of it, someday.

hm... i really wonder if there is not a way to make these blog things more naturally chronological. the whole bottom-up format drives me crazy sometimes.
okay, not actually crazy. and i'm used to it, because that's how it is. It's just ....something tells me there must be a better way. somehow. i don't know how....

summer is lovely. I have much time to write and play. It's great.

am i happy? happier? who cares.

Tuesday, June 14


i'm working a lot, but not enough.
i'm lucky my job feeds me, or i'd be another starving writer.

my writing is coming along. i have feeling that even if i do succeed in finishing one or the other of my novels-in-progress, they're going to need another year of revising and fixing.

in the meantime, i think i'm going to try and publish my best short story.

Tuesday, June 7

latest adventures

i have photoshop of my very own on my computer at home! this is exciting news.

as is my new and improved version of the Isotope website. (see my links section for the old version)
the new version will look something like this: prepare to be amazed!

I like it a lot. it's so stylish and clean and lovely. I just hope it works how i want it to. i've had some major problems with the .gifs of the heading... blah.

this is my exciting design-related news.

in other news: my novel-in-progress is over 16000 words now. my secondary novel-in-progress is almost 19000 words, but i don't like it as much. hm.

Friday, June 3



i like this blog. i think i will keep it alive.

but i won't have much to say this summer, really. i'm just writing a lot and working on other random stuff. reading. the usual.

oh, and boys are worthless. i just had to say that.