Tuesday, April 21

twentyone: documenting

no meetings this morning, so I took my time leaving the house. plucked stray eyebrow hairs. grimaced with a bit of astonishment at the fact it was only 4° (celsius, you know, because Canada-nostalgia). dressed warmly. made hot chocolate. wrote in my journal. listened to birds chattering. watched the contractors tear holes in our front yard. (I will blog about the holes in our front yard one of these days. stay tuned.) 

I probably should've used this luxuriously slow morning for grading, but... oh well.
everything else about Tuesday has gone more or less as planned. I am working distractedly on my research project for Empirical. I keep thinking it feels like Wednesday, but even this is a weirdly normal occurrence.

less normal: a lonely shoe at the bus stop this afternoon. taking a photograph of it gave me flashbacks to this long ago set of random tuesday observations.

good thing single humans are not automatically as almost-useless as single shoes.

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