Tuesday, May 4

I love tuesdays

this pair of shoes was abandoned in the parking lot at work at least three months ago. I took this photograph back at the beginning of March, when the shoes were still clinging neatly to each other, safely perched along that yellow line between parking spots.
at some point between then and now, the shoes must have gotten pretty sick of that situation. today you'll find the right shoe squashed up against the curb near the sidewalk, while the left shoe still wanders the wide open sea of gritty, car-strewn asphalt. maybe someday he'll come around and find his pair again. or maybe these shoes will be forever separated, fated to a life of complete uselessness.

and as long as I'm being random here...

this is such a cool idea. magazines. love. yes.

someone needs to talk me into buying the Dr. Horrible soundtrack. mm.

in twenty-three days, I think I just might up and drive to southern california with Elsie. awesome.

also, woah.

who would have ever guessed that www.tuesday.com would be the home of a fancy interactive design company?

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