Thursday, September 16


I just realized something.

words do not really make food better.

you can't talk with your mouth full. you can't write when your hands are busy with a fork and knife. food does not need words.
this is wild rice & turkey soup. I sort-of even followed a recipe for it, the other day when I made it. it turned out beautifully. half of it is still in my freezer, waiting for a suitably chill weekend.
this is not the first time I've written about soup. but it is the first time I've had pictures of soup. interesting.

words do not make food better.

I might have to write more about this later.


Deb said...

It does look yummy. What recipe? Do you have it still? (or a link?)

amelia said...

it's out of the American Heart Association cookbook I'm always telling you about. go get a copy! (or I can look at ours and type out the recipe, too....)