Friday, February 2

good tidings

i invented a soup the other night. broth, carrots, creamed corn, chicken, an onion. some rice. but i don't know what to call it. chicken/rice chowder? chicken/vegetable mush? titling things is always hard for me. i either give things completely random titles or completely boring titles. maybe someday i'll get the hang of it.

remember that beach? the sunny one in your dreams, with the unending supply of cold lemonade and the softest sand in the world?

the beaches in washington are not like that. they're cold. rocky. full of mist, crowded with trees that are pine trees, not palm trees.

but they are beaches, just the same. the same magic of land meeting ocean. a horizon troubled by nothing but waves. gorgeous.

maybe it's utterly unrealistic to say i'm running away to live there. silly. meaningless. i can at least try it out for one night, can't i? i'll be sure to bring warm socks. i know it's only just february and the rainforests up here are not the tropical kind. i'll be fine.

i'll try and take lots of pictures too.

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