Saturday, February 6


my terrariums from last year died. they went a bit fuzzy and moldy and dried up and died. it was pretty sad.

but now I have these:

a pair of jade plants (also known as lucky plants, money plants, or friendship trees). I brought them home from our campus Christmas party a few months ago, and they've been sitting peacefully next to our kitchen sink ever since. they grow pretty quick, and they're getting a little bit too big for their little plastic planters.

so yesterday, I bought this:
a six-inch terracotta pot.

I hope there will be enough room for both of them in it. I should perhaps consult someone who knows lots about plants... (what do you think, Amber?)

the internet tells me that jade plants will stay small if you keep them in a small pot. they can turn into pretty awesome bonsai if you prune them properly. hopefully I can manage that.
in any event, these little Crassulaceae are hard to kill off. they're from the same family as these little things. they'll last forever and ever. maybe I should give them names.

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