Thursday, November 19

immortal green

{ Photo by Mateusz Adamowski }

these little plants, I love. here's a picture of mine, including also: a freshly stained step, a cute lawn gnome, a little strawberry patch, a few flower pots, and a small section of creeping thyme and moss and slate from the back garden of Denise Williams. she has a gorgeous back garden and knows a lot about plants. there are these little hens-and-chicks all over, tucked into corners under the stairs and along the pathways.

I don't know a lot about plants. Amber the lovely horticulturist could probably tell us everything there is to know about them. all I know is that they are adorable.

you can call them houseleeks. or sempervivum, which in Latin means 'always living.' endless little scallops of succulent waxy petals.
they eat them in Taiwan. I wonder what they taste like.


Chelsi said...

when i was eight my mom said i could pick out something to plant in our yard. i picked these. they're still there and have multiplied like CRAZY. they are so cute, aren't they? by the way, they taste like leaves. perhaps if you dipped them in infused butter or a dressing...hmmm. ps. i like your chicken salad.

amelia said...

good. it's wonderful stuff, eh?