Monday, August 10

step aside and look back

it's a cozy room in the basement, just right so far for my three suitcases full of old clothes and new notebooks. I have so many plans to make now. so many futures to sketch.

there are small noises drifting around this new neighborhood. soft, dry breezes and shy, sighing trees. the road is still just outside, waiting to take me wherever. how long will I be here? no one can say. what will I find myself doing tomorrow, surrounded by possibility? the certainties are so small. old clothes and new notebooks. bologna sandwiches or zucchini salads? both.

there are so things that need changing.

and there are things that ought to stay the same.

wish me luck sorting them out.

I have a feeling my eyes will be a bit more attached to the horizon in front of me. the one behind me can catch up on its own.


Ruby in the Rough said...

You're a beautiful writer! Where are you and what are you doing?

Amelia Chesley said...

ah, JeriLynn! I so wanted to come visit before I left. I've just moved to the salt lake area this week. what I'm doing is trying not to let my lack of employment get me down.

how are you? say hi to your girls for me. :)