Friday, August 14

from my brain to yours

the question every English major gets is: "so, are you going to teach?"

we of the technical writing persuasion shake our heads solemnly. never. seriously. do we look like we'd be good at dealing with other people's children all day long?

such was always my response. there are a million other things you can do with an English degree. for teaching, what you want is an Education degree. I know they both start with E, but they're very different things.

I've met a lot of teachers recently. come to that, I've done a lot of teaching recently... not quite the public school kind, of course, but teaching nonetheless. and really, when you think about it, every person in the world, outside one's own family, fits into that box of other people's children. though I guess some of them do grow up eventually.


so...whether I go to grad school and end up teaching English to freshmen who are all taller than me or instead get a normal job writing instruction manuals for some obscure type of software or instead spend my life designing posters or labels or websites, it's all some kind of teaching. the transfer of information. rhetoric. I can't be too afraid of that, can I?

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