Sunday, April 12

I am starting a new tradition for this little blog. and to be sure that it counts as a tradition even though I'm just starting it, I've already backdated a few sketches from past sundays. see, now it looks like I've been at it for weeks.

ever since I can remember, I've had pen and paper to doodle on at church. it's something to keep my hands occupied while I listen and daydream. often the scraps of paper become places for me to string connections between stray thoughts.

I won't promise that the dates will match up or anything (in fact they probably never will), but I will promise that the sunday sketches will be from actual sunday meetings, rather than institute classes or dentist appointments or whatever else. and I will promise they will appear every sunday from now on, even if I happen to be driving through southern california with my sister at the time.

any speculation on what the sermon was about or what I may have been thinking about when I drew them is perfectly welcome.

happy easter, everyone.

1 comment:

Chris said...

You know, I saw one of those backdated ones and I was wondering how I'd missed it. You devious alien.