Saturday, January 13

who am i talking to?

this blog began 2 years ago as a record of my academic evolution: a trail of words echoing the bits and pieces I was learning from books and professors. the topics have changed since then, my goals have shifted. I've done a bunch more stuff. I've been a few more places. I'm a different person, right?

me, april 2005:
I don't know if I've found my place yet, but I'm feeling more confident every day. That's life I guess. You learn enough to get you through what you're going through, and then you always have to keep learning more. It never ends. And really, who would want it to?

I decided the other day that ignorance is bliss not because it keeps you safe from the horrible truths of the world, but because it allows you room to discover them. Even the horrible ones are beautiful (just ask Keats.)
change is the one constant. get used to the fear and the doubt. get used to being faced with new facets of your own ignorance. get used to the pain. embrace humility. you can't always feel in control.

but really, how comforting is that?

I don't know. I'd take humility over false confidence anyday. but then the humble rarely get much respect. why is that?

well, if anyone asks, this blog is about living with paradoxes: being free in a world full of rules. being yourself in a world full of other people. that kind of thing.

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