Thursday, July 23

gollum and mantis

this isn't the best photograph, but you might be able to see the praying mantis chilling there on my gollum jade plant. it's hanging upside down like it's Spider-Man or something.

this older photograph is a better one, but it's at such a different angle you can't really use it to compare how much my gollum jade plant has grown.

let me assure you, my funny little gollum jade plant is at least twice as tall now as it was when I first acquired it in Indiana. the heat of Arizona shocked it a bit when we first got here, but it's ultimately adjusted pretty well.

as have all my succulents. they are all thriving here a billion times more obviously than they ever did in our shaded humid home in Louisiana.

I should take photos of all the plants I have left, to show off how well they're doing. the zebra plants especially have bounced back from a state of terribly stressed, wrinkly-brown sadness into one of beautiful, fat green vibrancy. I'm so happy for them both.

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