Friday, April 24

twentyfour: numbers, calories, feelings

let it be known that I am having a giant, imaginary shouting match with Apple and all their employees right now.

also let it be known that there are one thousand posts sitting around behind the scenes of this blog. see there in that right-hand column? one thousand. eighteen of those are drafts (including this one). a lovely palendromical 303 of them are mere sunday-scribbles posts. 109 are tagged with the label 'random'.
so after this, I will have seventeen more posts (of which six will appear within the next week) to think up some fabulous celebratory thing to write here for the one thousandth actual published post. does my blog audience have any suggestions for me? should I hold some silly contest or scavenger hunt or game? hmm.

while I ponder, and while I mourn the death of this melodramatic semester and this fickle April and--most stressfully and traumatically of all--my dear old nameless macbook, I'm going to talk about food.

yesterday, I made chicken and rice. I think (not counting the recent occasion of Easter) this was the first time I've cooked chicken since Thanksgiving or something.

usually it's canned cream-of-mushroom soup you do this with. I didn't have any, so I made do with almond milk and actual mushrooms and random spices. turned out gorgeously, if I do say so myself.

a few weeks ago, inspired by Ms. MacKenzie Smith of the grilled cheese social blog, I made pear/gruyere grilled cheese.
these are awful photographs, with too much yellow light in them, but nevertheless, they are evidence of grilled-cheese-bliss on a plate.

I also baked my genius brother's famous savage chocolate-chip cookies the other night. I have eaten way too many of them today. so? aren't Fridays meant to be days that you eat hardly anything besides exceptionally awesome chocolate-chip cookies? good. I thought so.

other planned baking adventures for the near future include more fresh bread, cream cheese wontons, and pie crust. comfort food. yeah.

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