Saturday, April 25

twentyfive: 20% of battery remaining

online places I did not miss enough during the death-time of my laptop to go digging through my long disorienting list of passwords:
  • pinterest
  • tumblr
  • instagram (this I still could access via the ipod, so maybe it doesn't belong on this list. ah well.)
online places I might not have missed much (it's been less than a fortnight, after all!) but felt like I could not live without anyway:
  • facebook
  • gmail
  • pandora
full disclosure--I remember the passwords to all those places. it's not such an ordeal to get access to them from wherever.
gadgets in my apartment right this moment that regularly or always or at least when in use need to be plugged into power outlets:
  • a microwave
  • two lamps
  • red cell phone
  • half-shattered little ipod touch
  • kindle (a kindle fire HD to be precise. the huge matchy anachronism of the words in that name struck me just now for the first time)
  • a blender
  • an electric kettle
  • a toaster (I haven't used that toaster for months. it's in the cupboard taking up space)
  • vacuum cleaner
  • a crockpot
  • rickety sewing machine
  • old digital camera
  • printer/scanner contraption (very dusty at the moment)
  • dead and soon-to-be-gutted white macbook
  • shiny borrowed macbook pro
  • even shinier, brand new (to me) macbook air 
I think I might have a small iron for ironing clothes somewhere, too? why, I am not sure. 

this is too many things.

why do I have all these things? why?

three macbooks? who am I? having three of these machines in my house is making me strangely nervous and edgy.

one of them I'll return to its owners very soon. the other needs to have some surgery done, and then... maybe I'll hold a funeral? I'm not sure what to do with it, really. poor dead white macbook. will anyone want you for parts?

the new one needs a name and a case. please send case-recommendations for me if you have them.

while I composed the list above, I kept thinking of even more things to put on it. oh yeah, I own that electronic thing too. and that other one. so many!

and those are only the things that need plugging into walls. there are also all these other bits and pieces-- peripheral junk that gets plugged into other junk. mice. adapters. external harddrives. it never ends.

this talk by Frank Chimero on screens and life and design is only somewhat related, but you should read it anyway.

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