Tuesday, February 14

nothing is known of Saint Valentine

I've just been playing around with this little doodle, originally posted way back in July.
there are no love-related holidays in July, are there?
not that I can think of. there are tuesdays though. I love tuesdays.
love is an irrational thing, you know. I have no reason to love tuesdays, but I do anyway. even though they're not always the greatest. not always the most fun.
at least my irrational love of tuesdays is completely unconditional.
as is my love for ice cream (chocolate ice cream, of course).
and my love for plaid. goats. typography. sunrises.
unconditional, irrational love. today is all about celebrating that.
and, underneath all the sugary pink and candy-coated chocolate-ness, also about the real stuff, which can perhaps be just as irrational, but is nevertheless far more intense and profound and committed and transforming than a love of tuesdays (however genuine) ever could be. loving people is better. let's do more of that, shall we?


Happy Mom said...

Nice sentiments for the day.

amelia c said...

it's so good to see you blogging again. sad day that your chalkboard wall didn't turn out... that would've been so cool!

Janeheiress said...

What a lovely tribute to Valentine's Day! I haven't quite figured out how to be irrational about love, but we all have some learning to do, right?

amelia c said...

I never ever thought of irrationality as a thing to be learned. but yes, we all have much to learn and many crazinesses to tame. good luck to us all...

We Krazy Knuts said...

Oh Amelia. I love this post! You just make me smile! When are you coming back to Cache Valley?????

amelia c said...

I'm glad you love it, Sheri! who knows when I'll get back up there.... life has this way of being full of super unexpectedness. it'll happen someday, though, I'm sure!

Deb said...