Saturday, February 18

grease and potassium

hey, you. whenever and wherever it is that you're reading this--have you had breakfast yet?

because if not...

and if you've got any of these:
and some of this:
then you can make bacon and banana sandwiches.

yes. bacon + bananas + toasted-in-a-tiny-bit-of-the-bacon-grease-toast. it's marvelous. go on. just try it.

slice up the banana. some people like to slice it the long way, and it doesn't really matter.
you're going to smash (gently!) your sliced banana onto a slice of toast, in one nice layer.
and then you're going to add the bacon, in another lovely layer.
and then, the other bit of toast.
and there you go. cut it in half. eat it. sit down with one hand holding your Visual Rhetoric textbook, and if that isn't one of the most amazing breakfasts ever, feel free to complain that I ruined your morning. or whatever time of day it is.

if you love it, feel free to thank me for introducing it to your life. oh, and add some cheese if you're a cheese person. (I'm not a cheese person. but if you are, that is okay, and you might like it with cheese. I didn't. but you might. let me know.)

happy breakfast. or whatever time of day it is.


Janeheiress said...

Bacon and banana? That sounds intriguing...but cheese and banana? Blech!

amelia c said...

I agree... cheese and fruit almost never belong together. but when I first heard about the bacon/banana thing, it was in connection with pizza. I tried that once. blech is about right.

Kimberly said...

Cheese and fruit go together! Apples, pears, and grapes go with any cheese. I'd try the bacon, banana, and cheese sandwich. Bacon, banana, and honey or peanut butter would be good, though I know you don't like sticky sweet condiments. When I saw the post title, I thought you were going to cook bananas in butter. Bananas foster - part of the breakfast of champions.

amelia c said...

I'm just not a cheese person... it is a little bit sad.

I was going to include in this post a few references to the Elvis and versions thereof. I've tried that before (bacon, bananas, and peanut butter), and it wasn't bad. I like the simplicity of this though. just bacon. just bananas. mmm.

this was my breakfast on thursday-- this morning I sang a bit of jack johnson and made banana pancakes. with chocolate in them. also mmm.