Thursday, October 28

things I am too busy to blog about

it's thursday already, and my weekend is going to be spent traveling, visiting, and playing dress-up. but I can't just let the end of october go by without composing something, no matter how little thought-out.

so here is a list, culled from the unfinished drafts sitting around behind the scenes of this little blog:

- ideas that I may never stop arguing about (in my head or otherwise) with people

- some thoughts William Gibson had concerning writing and the internet

this guy and his adventures with ink and paper

- my opinion of Kevin Guilfoile, whoever he is

- the reasons for having family reunions

- how sad I am about this, even though it happened a good eight months ago

- several gushy Sherlock Holmesian bits, with a small dash of Dracula on top

and I'm promising I will get to most of those. the Sherlock and the Gibson and the family reunion stuff definitely. and I also have a few backlogged thoughts about things unseen, things unsaid, postage stamps, and what Oscar Wilde wrote about color speaking to the soul ...

if november comes along with a little bit less craziness, I expect I shall be blogging more than I did this month. unless, I'm too busy sketching christmas cards(shall I have another contest this year?), designing a new day-planner(to replace this one), formatting that digital cookbook(for some reason), or studying for the GRE(like I was doing last year before I had a job). we can only hope, right?

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