Saturday, May 8

four and five

this week has been sort of a double anniversary. not of anything really fantastic like a wedding or a major organ transplant--it's just that now I can say I have had a undergraduate degree for as long as it took me to earn the thing.

and while I was looking through the old portfolio earlier, I randomly remembered that last weekend was also the anniversary of those two days I spent writing a play back in 2005. a neat little five-act play. you can read it over here (and there happens to be a pretty awesome chunk of commentary at the end, if you like that sort of thing.) if anyone can think of a better title for it, please do let me know.

it's such a silly piece of writing. but full of great memories. I wonder what it would be like to see it on stage at some point. sometimes I ponder submitting the thing to the new play project. should I?

I wonder if I'll ever write another script. and what it might be about. hmm.

{ photo borrowed from another kind soul on flickr. }


We Krazy Knuts said...

Oh my gosh, I just read the play is so funny!!! It totally brought back so many memories!!! You're so great!

And I think you should title it "Don't kiss any ugly toilets."

amelia said...

hey... that might be the perfect title...

I'm glad it's still funny, even all these many years later.... :)