Friday, January 29

something sensational to read on the train

this is my current everyday journal. I wrote in it for the first time on February 20, 2008. all five of the addresses I have lived at between then and now are listed in the front cover (not counting vacations and short-term things of that sort). and there are amusing quotes throughout, at the tops of every other page or so, and I think it's pretty fitting that the first one is from Amelia Earhart: "Adventure is worthwhile."

the second is from Emerson: "Do not go where the path my lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

most of my time in Canada is written in this book. trips to California, and Hawaii, and Montana are in here. thousands of moments, dull and wild, pedestrian and passionate, are all scribbled out here. dreams and lists and randomness.
this is the very last set of pages from this current journal. I've been waiting for the end for quite a while... waiting and preparing and stocking up on potential replacements. in a few days I'll fill up this one, and I'll get to pick a new one from my little shelf of blank journals.
this one my dear roommate brought back from Korea last April. I love the way it's bound. I've written in the first page of this one already, just a few thoughts about life and stories. but the rest of it would work very well for an everyday journal.
this thin, swirly one followed me home from the bookstore one day. it might be a good choice purely because it's the thinnest. I could fill it up sooner, and choose another journal before another two whole years go by...
100% recycled paper, and made in Canada. I bought this one way back when I bought the world-map journal I've been writing in for the last two years. it's probably been waiting patiently for its turn.
another gift, from the most hospitable and most talkative woman in all of southeast Calgary. I love this little hand-bound book. it has the most beautiful silver leather cover. and it reminds me of Colleen. good memories.
my mother didn't want this book sitting around in her house for no reason, so I added it to my collection. apparently it was made in Turkey.
another that I couldn't help bringing home from work with me over Christmas. it has an awesome little secret pocket in the back cover.
and this one was a birthday gift from Bekah. she hunted far and wide for a journal without lines on the pages, and she finally found this lovely thing. all the paper was handmade from the bark of the Lokta plant, in Nepal.

which do you think? they're all different. they all need writing in.

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Deb said...

It's just that when I see an empty book I think of you :) I'm sure you'll fill them (all the books you've shown here) up at some point.