Friday, May 8

time tipped sideways

this week I have been breaking my brain over how to get six chubby calendar months to settle down together in a little booklet so I can proceed to scribble my weekly plans all over them.

at last I have done it. the sixteen little half-pages printed beautifully this morning and I stitched them up just before lunchtime. I am not sure about the cover (which I snipped out of an old gift sack), or the font (which is one of the only non-boring fonts that comes with ubuntu), but at this point it is too late for such finickiness. someone told me the other day that perfectionism is the enemy of creativity.

for the record, it's called Purisa. all lowercase, for me.

I'm already drafting plans for a larger version, one without the kinks and disappointments of this first guinea pig. it won't take too much modifying, I hope, to accommodate a whole yearful of chubby calendar months. once I perfect the design, next will be to mass produce them.

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