Thursday, May 21


this is my bedroom, my workshop, my small corner of the world, and the backdrop of my most recent confused ambitions. do you recognize the place, Marianne?
I have been playing with lots of paper and scissors and rubber cement. after waiting several weeks for this rubber cement to appear (thanks mum), I left it unopened on the desk for a long time, uncertain about what it was I had designed to do with it in the first place. but then one night it came back to me... I'm still a designer, right? why pretend that I've left some other half of myself behind in the dust of three years ago?

it looks different now. things change. as an undergraduate I presented to Dr. Cheryl Ball(look, she has a blog) a portfolio stacked unevenly in a white three-ring binder with little ribbons between each color-coded section: print design was in green, web design in blue, writing in red, editing in yellow, and art in a nice purple. i think i brought it to one or two job interviews, back in 2007. this year I dissected it, very delicately (you can see its remains all over the floor in that first photograph). I took out a lot of things, added a few, and slapped it all together again between slick black covers.

I remorselessly cut the writing and editing sections. big blocks of text do not belong in a design portfolio. we'll keep all those over here where they won't annoy anyone. and this little blog of mine will continue as a mixture of both.

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