Thursday, May 21

don't let go of all these people

I don't exactly remember the recipe or who else was there. our hostess was Italian and she taught us how to make gnocchi. there were meatballs. there was a lot of nice cheese. and after dinner one of the guests, who was an undercover cop in the narcotics division, entertained us with allusions to the excitement and danger of his double life.

like so many of the people in this nook of northwestern Missouri, the Christensen's were newcomers, drawn by the picturesque nowhere. I met them three years ago when I worked there as a lonely graphic designer. they called on our house full of girls, invited us for dinner. we said hello to them at church every week. at the copy shop, I designed the covers for and printed several copies of Dale's book, Ten Secrets to Speaking English.

last week I got an email announcing that they've opened a bed and breakfast. look:
there is a lot of history in this green, rolling nowhere (and not just the history of a lonely graphic designer). all those nearby noteworthy sites are selling points for the Marydale Inn. personally, I'd probably take a weekend there for the red barn and the big skyful of clouds, and especially the gracious company of the innkeepers, rather than to see the world's largest Amish community 12 miles down the road. but hey, if you fancy a chance to gawk at the Amish and you're passing through the midwest any time soon, check it out.

ps: I'm guilty as anyone for such superficiality, but please don't judge the place by its website.
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Jeff said...

I always love reading your posts. You are an incredible writer! I always feel like I'm reading art. (Honest, it's kinda weird, haha.) Oh, and yes I am very excited to just have a job. (The word verification below must have known that I was coming here from "Rand-o-MANIA" as it has required me to type "mania" in. Odd.)

amelia said...

hehe. those word verification things can be spooky...
thanks for encouraging me in my artist-ness. i hope i'll always be able to live up to the name...