Monday, December 5

the penultimate monday

In the next week I must finish:
  • professional editing project for Dr. Hailey and Prof. Parisi - this is a group project, due 12/12. we still need to receive a full second draft back from Dr. Hailey and go through it again to edit.
  • book cover design project for Dr. Shook - this is also a group project, due 12/12. this morning in class our group basically finished this one, all it needs is a bit of font tweaking and to be printed.
  • modern rhetorical theory essay for Dr. Grant-Davie - i'm writing on dissociations of the bible through translation for the purpose of fitting different rhetorical situations and catering to different audiences. the draft i have so far is much too short; it needs lots of development.
  • proposal, presentation, and styleguide for Dr. Cargile-Cook, Dr. Smitten, and the English department - this is one of the most extensive and important group projects I have ever worked on in my life, due to Dr. Cargile-Cook for perusal by noon 12/12. upon me hangs a lot of responsibility because I am the one the group chose to edit the entire proposal. we will present it on tuesday 12/13 to the department. there are three teams in the class competing to be chosen for the official design. may the best team win.
  • narrative adaptation of the screenplay Like Clockwork for Mr. Anthony Maitz and his investors - this is not academic work but i do consider it somewhat professional, even if Tony is nothing more than an old high school friend. it's going to be fun to work with him now that we're both a bit more mature.
I also have three final exams to study(ish) for, my own portfolio to flesh out, isotope to work on, the alumni site to start building, people to call, cards to give out, and travelling to arrange.

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