Monday, October 24

color theory is a hoax

Dr Shook has just been educating us about color.

I don't know why I never thought about it before, but the color wheel (first developed by Sir Isaac Newton) is completely ridiculous. Color is just a section of light wavelengths. it doesn't start at red and end at violet, and it especially doesn't connect up in a nice little circle; it goes on and on from both ends, off into the infrared and the ultraviolet.

Starting from this basic debunking, Dr Shook continued to mock all aspects of traditional color theory. hot and cold colors? no such difference. complimentary and analogous colors? no such things. color symbolism? whatever.

The bottom line is that colors effect us personally way before they effect us according to any theoretical rules. Sure the theory is all fun and cool, but really it's just another arbitrary human system of categorizing stuff, and it's not always right.

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Chris said...

I never considered 'hot and cold' colours scientific anyway. I just assumed it was because of things that are hot or cold have those colours, like fire is red, amd that's why we considered them that way.