Thursday, October 27

another plateful

This morning I met with Dr. Jeffrey Smitten, the head of the English department. As an extra little dimension to my english 5400 class, I have volunteered to work with him on a special webdesign project. I won't say much about it specifically yet, but it will be a great opportunity to be involved in the department, to be creative and useful at the same time, and to develop my skills: communication skills, webdesigning skills, technical skills, whatever skills.

So I'm really excited about that.

Just in terms of webdesign it's adding to an already piling up pile of stuff-to-do. I've got to redesign my portfolio, work on fmit, get the update of isotope put together, and now this. and if i get that other assistant editor position I'll have web work to do with them too. I'm going to be so amazingly busy. I hope it's fun.

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