Thursday, April 21

it's still wednesday in alaska...

I should perhaps resign myself to having no life at all for the next week, shouldn't I?

It doesn't actually seem like I have that much to do... but when you factor in all the times Dreamweaver is stupid, Photoshop is stupid, my roommate wants to talk to me for something, I get hungry, I get a headache from sitting in front of my computer for hours... etc etc etc... well, that adds up. I have a lot of content left to add. My goal is to get that done by Monday and do the fine tuning of links and other such fiddly bits after that.
Of course, we need to have our sites ready for beta-testing tomorrow afternoon. I'll try... and even if i don't get it all up by then, I have enough. I have quite a lot, actually. Okay, most of it isn't technical writing, but I'm getting there.

Radiohead are pretty awesome.

Sorry, that was random.
Anyway... Yeah. I think I'm doing okay... so far. I just have to keep on top of things.

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