Friday, January 28

yesterday's class

I find learning about usability studies somewhat dull. While the whole idea of usability is pretty cool, studying it in such technical nitpicky depth seems a bit... overkill or something. I'm not quite sure why I have come to such a conclusion, because I know usability is very important, and perhaps even the central value behind everything anyone ever produces, but for some reason it bores me a little. Kind of weird.

But, after all that lovely usability stuff was over, we played some more with dreamweaver. I'm a bit torn about how much I like it. People have told me it isn't the best html editor around. I have a good friend (randomlink & other randomlink) who hand codes everything and makes the most amazing looking sites. She says it's easy. Our professor says it's easy. Nevertheless I remain pretty much just as terrified as I was. I am unsure I could ever learn and remember all those complicated tags... But maybe I could. I want to try... I'm a little afraid but I want to try. I want to be good at it too. Very good at it. I envy all the people out there who already are.

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