Friday, July 3

desert rain

it rained today for the first time. well, for the first time since we moved here at least. there has hardly been a cloud in the sky these past two months. when the windows darkened at lunchtime today I barely dared to imagine there'd be real precipitation coming down. but the tell-tale spots all over the pavement outside were proof. and then it started pouring all at once by the pitcherful-- one of those ten-minutes-or-less storms full of thrilling intensity.

I opened the door to watch it and feel it for a moment, but the dogs barked too much.

messy ink sketch of a clocktower from the Exmouth esplanade, only it has no face and no hands

once it slowed we went for a little walk to see how everything looked. it was so lovely to drink in that rich, loamy, salted-dirt scent, with a few folded layers of flowers and grass. the clouds cast everything in more muted shades. the rain painted over it like a dark watercolor wash.

this Arizona land is the highest and most arid of all the desert places I've lived in so far, I think. it's been so sunny, and hot, with only occasional breezes to sweep away the heat, and I thought it would be this way until October at least.

but that was before I learned about monsoon season.

monsoon season is upon us. storms and torrents and towering clouds to counteract all the glaring sun and empty blue of desert summer.

I look forward to it so much.

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