Friday, May 31

noticing summer

there are magnolia trees, all over our neighborhood, with floppy blooms that are big enough to eat your face if they wanted to.

even as tightly furled blossoms they seemed humongous to me. almost bigger than both fists put together. almost weighing down the tree branches with the heft of their thick, velvety, white petals.

magnolias are the state flower of Louisiana, apparently. they're also wrapped up with extra cultural significance in Natchitoches because of Steel Magnolias.

remember when we watched that film way back in 1999 or some such year, because the high school drama department was holding auditions for the play? I auditioned for it, with my small little non-face-eating, pansy-sized voice. I don't remember what passage from the script they had me read.

maybe I'll rewatch the film one of these days while we still live in the town where it was made. will I recognize some street corners? all the locals here seem quite certain that I will.

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